'Safe Transfer Kit'

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The EasyWheelz Safe Transfer Kit.

  • Replaces swing away leg extensions/footrests on any 2 pin mount wheelchair
  • Designed to keep the footrests UP and out of the way. Prevents falls & injuries
  • Rotator levers allow rider/transporter to move the footrest into DOWN position 
  • Includes unique detachable push-bar/cane  assembly mounted to existing handlebars
  • Push-bar includes 2 shopping
  • Kit arrives completely assembled and mounts to existing chair easily, no tools

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EasyWheelz  will  be on  display  at  the  Abilities Expo in Schaumburg,  Illinois  on  June  21-23.

EasyWheelz  will  also  be  at  the  OnRamp  Medical Conference  in  Green Bay(Lambeau  Field)),  Wisconsin on  June  19

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About Us

Dave's Story 1932 - 2018


We are a family owned  business that began from the old adage, 'necessity is the mother of all invention'. Our 85 year old dad, Dave, had some health issues a few years back that limited his mobility. Dave moved in with his son, Mike, who became his caregiver. Much time was spent travelling by wheelchair right up until Dave passed away in May 2018. We had to change our lifestyles to accomodate these special needs. We tried a dozen different styles of wheelchairs and each one addressed some issues, but each failed to address the main issue, the foot rest. The footrests on most wheelchairs stay in the down default position. This is a safety concern, in the down position the foot rests become obsatcles for the rider. Feet get tangled and cause disastrous falls. It is a huge inconvenience for the care giver or health professional to physically move the footrests into the up or down position.

Our solution: The Easywheelz Wheelchair Convenience Kit. The kit includes retractable foot rests. We invented (patent pending) a mechanism utilizing a specially designed torsion spring, wire cables, and hand levers to actuate the foot rests into the desired position - see video on our GALLERY page.

Another issue addressed by the kit is the difficulty in maneuvering the wheelchair with the (2) handles mounted to the top of the Handlebars. Often, it is necessary to move the wheelchair around with one hand. We devised a product that utilizes an adjustable cane that spans the width of the wheelchair across the (2) handles. This cane acts as a pushbar allowing for easy one-handed maneuvering. The cane is easily removed/replaced with (2) adjustable brackets that are mounted to the existing hand grips. - see photo on our GALLERY page. The cane/pushbar also can be removed and used as an extension handle to open and close doors for entry and exit. Another great feature of the kit, shopping bag hooks mounted to the cane pushbar. These make shopping a breeze! To complete the kit, (2) LED headlights mounted to the cane/pushbar.

Please visit our PRODUCTS page for other unique ideas, we add them all the time.

Professional Customer Service


At Easywheelz, it is our mission to provide the very best service after you purchase one of our products. 

We strive to develop a continuing relationship with our customers. We treat you the way you treat the person in your care.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


All products sold here at Easywheelz are absolutely SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Just let us know if you have any issue with one of our products, and we will make it right FAST. No questions asked!

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